The Secret To Seche Vite

I'll let you into a little secret. I first bought Seche Vite last December, and up until the middle of this month I thoroughly detested it. Why didn't I buy a different top coat? Who knows - probably a combination of my tenacity and my miser-y ways, but I've persevered.

And let me tell you, it's paid off. I now possess the secret of Seche Vite.

Four day nails with Seche Vite - no chips whatsoever. The colour is nail inc's Elizabeth Street.

Rate It or Hate It #1: NYX Above & Beyond Concealer

Hey guys!

I apologise for neglecting the blog. *Taps self on wrist*. My summer's been super busy, and I haven't really had the time or motivation to sit down and write a blog post. But I've been trying out several new products I got whilst on holiday in Arizona in July, and thus I am venturing more into the world of USA-exclusive products... or at least really hard to find in England ones!

I have the first Rate It or Hate It post for you today. A quick rundown of my opinions on a product, as concisely as possible, so hopefully it won't be as rambly as usual.

The contender 

NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in Yellow.