The Secret To Seche Vite

I'll let you into a little secret. I first bought Seche Vite last December, and up until the middle of this month I thoroughly detested it. Why didn't I buy a different top coat? Who knows - probably a combination of my tenacity and my miser-y ways, but I've persevered.

And let me tell you, it's paid off. I now possess the secret of Seche Vite.

Four day nails with Seche Vite - no chips whatsoever. The colour is nail inc's Elizabeth Street.

You know how, with other top coats, you do each coat and let it dry before doing the next? Yeah, with Seche Vite, don't do that. You have to do it when the nail is on the border of wet and tacky. If you do that with any other top coat, it'd push the colour around and you'd have to start again, but with the Seche Vite it seems to almost adhere to the polish. My favourite method is painting each of the nails on one hand and then immediately going back and putting the Seche Vite onto the nails of the chosen hand. It lasted four days without chips, which is unheard of for me!

I know some people can't stand Seche Vite, and I really didn't like it until I found out the correct application of it. It's very much a Marmite thing. Now I don't know how they were applying it, but I'm pretty certain this is going into my Holy Grail category.

What are some of your favourite top coats?

- Iz xo

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