The Liner Lineup: Eyeko Skinny Liner

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner - £12, Eyeko
So. I hate liquid liner. I hate putting it on, I hate how it ends up smeared all over my eyes, and I hate how difficult it is to find the perfect one. I love how it looks, but I have always wondered whether it was worth the fuss. I've tried gel liner. Admittedly, it was considerably easier to apply, but with my oily eyelid issues, it ended up on my brow bone within a couple of hours, even if I set it with a black powder.

I am determined to hunt down the perfect liquid liner, even if it kills me.

Derp face...

I've heard people talk about the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner. And a lot of them loved it. It claims to have a 'colour-intense, smudgeproof finish', so I thought it might actually defeat my oily eyelids. And, well, it kind of does..

When I first tried this, it was love. One of those tragic love affairs that took off like a concord only to plummet straight back into the ground after about... well, it was about three uses.

Credit where credit's due; it does not budge. But the application means that I ended up with the awkward skin gap just above your eyelashes, meaning that I had to fill it in with a kohl liner. That did end up smeared around my eyes, which kind of defeated the point.

Okay, technically that's not the Eyeko's fault. But you know what is? I've had this for max a month, and it's dead. It went on smoothly for about three applications, but now it's all dry and unpigmented and pretty pathetic. I've tried storing it upright, upside-down, on its side. Zilch. Because of that, the pigmentation's pretty poor now too, more of a patchy grey colour that means I don't get a full black line. It tugs and the fact I have to go over the line several times causes my winged eyeliner to look less wingy, more... stumpy.

Maybe I've got a bum product, or maybe it's a universal thing. I don't know, and I'm not sure I could warrant spending £10 on an eyeliner in the hope that it also doesn't arrive at my doorstep dried out. So for now, the love affair is more of a Romeo and Juliet situation than a happily ever after.

- Iz xo

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