Skincare Sunday: The Body Shop Haul

There's nothing more exciting than buying new skincare. I'm not one to dabble in new things - once I find something I like, I'm a little bit loathed to switch it up. But at the same time, I've wanted to expand my skincare routine by adding things like serums and oils in. The Body Shop online has free shipping for £25, and my order arrived five days later (thanks, bank holiday weekend...).

Camomile Cleansing Oil - £10
This was the main reason that I placed this order. I saw Amelia mention it in her most recent favourites video, and I was intrigued. I definitely do struggle to remove all my makeup, especially mascara. I've only used it once so far, but I have to say it is L-O-V-E. 

Vitamin E Moisture Serum - £11 (although mine was 30% off)
 Again, this serum was another thing I was excited to try. I suffer horribly from dehydrated skin - it may not be dry in the sense that it isn't particularly patchy, it just never feels moisturised. As a result, I find my skin produces way to much oil to try and compensate.

Vitamin E Eye Cream - £10 (another one I got for 30% off)
As I said in my most recent Skincare Sunday, I am an eye cream fiend. I can never say no to trying to find the perfect eye cream to stop my concealer moving around and caking up in the corners of my eyes. This claims to be a super hydrating eye cream, so I shall see how well this stands up... 

Aloe Soothing Night Cream - £4
 I only got the miniature version of this, because I tend to dabble in moisturisers. This will also be good for travel, and let's be honest miniature anythings are cute! I'm definitely hoping that this will help with the dehydration situation.

- Iz xo

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