Recent Additions #1

Today I come to you with some recent newbies into my collection - with my birthday and Christmas within two weeks of one another, there have been quite a few!

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette - £20, Debenhams

First up, I had an exciting time in Debenham's at the Urban Decay stand. With all the palettes, I got a little overwhelmed and stuck with a safe option, the Naked Basics palette.
It's compact, sleek and wearable. I love the colours (mattes are a personal favourite of mine, but Venus is a lovely inner highlight shade) and I've worn it every day since I got it! All the colours are buttery and blendable, and it would be perfect for travelling.

Shades (l-r): Venus, Foxy, Walk of Shame, Naked 2, Faint & Crave

Also from Urban Decay is a new foundation. The Naked Skin liquid foundation, so far, has been a little bit hit and miss. The colour, surprisingly, is pretty good; I wear shade 0.5, a neutral-toned porcelain. I don't like using a primer underneath it, but instead I mix it with the Lumi-Magique primer from L'Oreal to give it some radiance. The only thing I've found with this is does cling a little to dry patches. My skin has been far from ideal thanks to a fatal combination of one too many Quality Street and a lovely sinus infection that doesn't want to budge, so I've found the foundation hanging on a tad to the dry skin around the edges of breakouts and the resident parched patches on my forehead, but I've yet to find a foundation that doesn't and it's not too noticeable, only when up close, so for now I'll live with it!

Urban Decay Naked Skin liquid foundation in shade 0.5 - £27, Debenhams

I've heard a lot about the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers, and had a peruse of the Rimmel stand in Boots whilst picking up another Stay Matte powder and this shade caught my eye. Swatched, it seemed pretty easy to pull off, but it does have quite an orange undertone to it. I find it tends to cling a little to the crevices in my lips and I end up with odd little lines on my lips. It also has a slightly cucumber-y scent to it, which some people might find a bit off putting. Generally I quite like the appearance and staying power, and it's a good everyday nude.  

Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer in shade 'Nude Eclipse' - £6.49, Boots

The next product is courtesy of my friend Amy, who gave this to me for my birthday. I'd never really tried the Salon Pro nail polishes, but I was impressed when I tried this on. It stays on pretty well, only needs one coat (although I do two for full opacity), and the colour is absolutely gorgeous. I'm not normally a fan of dark reds, but this is almost a trio-chrome (is that a thing?) of burgundy, bronze and purple. In some lights it looks almost black, in others it's a dark crimson and some it's a perfect purpley-red. 

Rimmel Salon Pro nail polish in shade 393 'Desire' - £4.49, Boots

Finally, I got a set of Soap & Glory products from my brother - amongst the heavenly-scented bits was this even more heavenly gem : The Righteous Butter. Let me tell you, nothing smells as good or makes my legs feel as soft as this does. You don't need much, maybe just two fingertips' full, and you're good to go. I was kind of worried about how thick it is (*spoiler alert*: it's very thick) but it's actually really easy to massage in and it absorbs surprisingly quickly. A big thumbs up from me! 

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter - £10.50, Boots

So that was some of the recent additions to my beauty stash, I hope you liked it, and had a lovely Christmas and New Years'!

- Iz xo

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